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Your Stroke Was Misdiagnosed: Why You Should Sue

A stroke is a serious medical condition where blood flow is cut off from the brain, causing disastrous results that can be long-lasting. Strokes can be deadly, killing over 100,000 people a year.
A stroke can be treated with physical therapy, medication, and close professional care when caught early. Unfortunately, a stroke isn't always easy to identify and requires an MRI and other testing to correctly diagnose much of the time.
A stroke can cause severe paralysis of one or more areas of the body, brain damage, loss of speech, and other disabilities if left untreated or misdiagnosed. Some repercussions of a stroke are permanent while others slowly dissipate with time and intensive therapy.
You've had a stroke and was misdiagnosed, sent home with the wrong medications or treated for another condition entirely. You suffer from the effects of your stroke that keep you from performing your regular duties, including taking care of your family, going to work, and enjoying life as you used to.
You are angry and suffering financially and emotionally due to your doctor's lack of professional care regarding your stroke. Here are reasons you should sue.
Your Condition Can Worsen
The best defense against a stroke is time: the sooner a stroke is identified and diagnosed, the sooner it can be treated. Your doctor's lack of medical care can be filed as medical malpractice, giving you grounds to sue them.
Your lawyer can use the theory that had your doctor correctly diagnosed you with a stroke; you would not be suffering the after-effects of the brain injury today. Since there are many warning signs of a stroke and your medical report can show that your symptoms were noted but not treated properly, you have a strong case for suing your doctor (or the hospital you were treated at) for medical malpractice.
You will be suing for financial compensation: not just for the medical bills accrued because of your stroke, but for the costs you will accrue with physical therapy, further testing, and forever or long-term care for your injury sustained by your doctor's negligence.
Your Doctor May Have Misdiagnosed Patients Before
Suing your doctor or the hospital they worked for when you suffered from a misdiagnosis isn't just about money, it's about holding a person of authority responsible for their negligence. Odds are, the doctor you had has a history of medical negligence or malpractice cases against them. Your suing them helps bring justice to protect future patients.
Another reason to sue is this: once your lawsuit becomes known to the hospital you were treated at, directors at the facility have to take action to train their medical staff to be better aware of potential stroke victims and proper diagnosis and treatment protocols. Suing your doctor can not only improve your life by giving you the finances you deserve, but suing can also help prevent another patient from suffering the same experience you have gone through.
The first thing you should do once you discover your stroke has been misdiagnosed (or delayed in diagnosis) is to call a lawyer skilled in malpractice lawsuits. Your lawyer will immediately research your doctor and their medical team, the hospital you went to, and your medical records for mistakes in medical procedures. Your lawyer will also search for previous offenses of similar cases by your doctor to strengthen your own case.
Suing your doctor for a stroke misdiagnosis isn't just about getting the money you need to live comfortably and have your medical needs met, it's about finding peace with your situation. Call our expert team of lawyers who are skilled in malpractice cases at the office of Frederic M. Rosen, PC today.