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Why Victims of Truck Accidents Need Special Representation

The United States has a shortage of trained, experienced truck drivers. The lack of people to fill the openings could lead to unsafe behavior. It may mean that the drivers break the law and spend more time on the road than allowed. Inexperienced or unqualified drivers may get jobs when they should not or to finish on time overworked drivers may need to speed.

Serious problems arise when a tractor-trailer or other large commercial vehicles strike a passenger vehicle. Victims of accidents of this type cannot choose just any accident lawyer for help. They need to have someone experienced with the unique situations that arise after this type of event takes place.

Damages More Extensive

The average cost of a car accident that involves a fatality is $1.1 million. Fatalities caused by trucks cost insurers around $3 million each. The injuries in these accidents are often much more severe, and the damage to the vehicle more extensive when a large truck causes a wreck. The driver cannot swerve or stop quickly to lessen the impact because of the weight of the vehicle.

The occupants in the passenger vehicle are more likely to experience injury or death than the person or people in the truck. In fact, 97 percent of the people killed in these types of accident are the ones in the passenger vehicle.  

More to Investigate

A passenger vehicle accident usually involves a recreation by police of the scene to decide blame.  The officers will test the drivers for drugs and alcohol, review the legitimacy of their license and the people involved swap insurance information. Impounding the vehicles could occur if the driver at fault blames a mechanical problem.

Accidents with commercial vehicles involve all these procedures and much more. An investigation of the driver looks at their log book to make certain they were not on the road longer than legally allowed. The authorities check on DOT physicals, carefully inspect the vehicle and look at the safety record of the company that owns the truck and much more.

Drivers and lawyers not familiar with truck accidents may not know what type of research to perform when they file a lawsuit. Issues like a driver with a history of drug problems, companies known for poor safety standards with their vehicles and similar concerns may go unnoticed. The smallest details of the case could be what causes a victim to lose their lawsuit.  

Better Legal Protection

The trucking industry makes $672 billion a year. Understandably, the professionals working in the industry want it to remain profitable. Americans also need the service the drivers give to receive their groceries, household items and much more. Unfortunately, to protect the industry the insurers and the lawyers for the trucking company use some unfair means to save money.

Some companies will try to ignore their responsibility, or the insurance company may offer a settlement that is much less than what the victim deserves. Some insurers delay claims, and others may interview victims and then use their statements against them in court.  There are many other methods insurance companies use to protect the business they represent.

Attorneys and insurance agents must protect their client, but sometimes this protection comes at the expense of the victim. An injury attorney with experience dealing with truck accidents will know all the common tactics used to save the trucking company money or to protect their reputation.

Truck accidents often cause life-changing injuries or tear apart families forever. Lawsuits help to get unsafe drivers and irresponsible businesses off the road so everyone is safer. Contact Frederic M. Rosen, PC for a consultation. The advice and help of a qualified attorney can help many victims to get larger settlements and to receive their money sooner.